All hail Gmail ! 📩

Being a Windows user and growing up with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office it was no surprise that my email client since I remember having an email was Microsoft Outlook.

There was also a I time, I just felt I could manage an entire company using Microsoft Outlook (yes, I love the Dummies series), with it’s flexibility and array of tools, like the calendars, the contact management and even it’s customizing forms.

The awe started to fade away as my .PST (outlook database filename extension) started growing and from time to time, Outlook was now getting slugish and even some time corrupted (thanks SCANPST for recovering my PST so many times …) .

With the early beginnings of the internet came the need to have access to contacts and emails everywhere . Nokia and it’s synching softwares did the trick for a while.

When I’ve started used Gmail, it took me a while to even imagine that one day I wouldn’t want to go back to local software to have all my history of emails .

Gmail big news was the amount of space they’ve offered, and even though many things have changed over the years the main remains, having an online webmail that is fast enough to replace a local software and being able to work in any device, wether to check or to update my information is just great.

Other suppliers, like Microsoft also now do this, being that has been recently optimized, but there is so much of offer for being a Gmail account at a free price !

Main features that stand out : 15Gb of free space, everything is online in any device, great android and ios apps, great calendar with invitations and sharing, integration with google docs and Google Sheets, keyboard shortcuts, a lot of extensions from 3rd parties

What is your favorite feature from Gmail, and how did you become convinced in changing from another software or provider to GMAIL ?





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