Are you having a hard time sending a big file to someone by email ?

You can use a cloud drive to fix the problem, like Google Drive or Dropbox. Include the file in your drive and share the link instead of attaching the file to the email.

What if it is a temporary file or you just don’t want to fill in your cloud drive with these files, just use Wetransfer, which is very practical. You choose the recipient email, upload the file and your recipient will get and email with a link to download.

What if it is a gigantic file ? Well, Wetransfer does has a limit of 2 Gb, but for those situations you can use Smash (or search for fromsmash) that has no limit. How do you know your file is big enough to use in the email ?

Basically if it is more than 10 Mb is too big already. So share links instead of attachments ! 👍

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🔗 Links : https://www.dropbox.com

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