Imagine you want a report from that offline software everyday by email

Today at a client meeting we had a discussion on what type of activities it would be good to use automation or any form of scripting.

One habit for the client is to check the sales from the invoicing software at the end of the day, but sometimes he has to make quite a detour to physically go to the room and the specific server that has this software. Maybe he could get a more secure way to remotely access it, but in this specific case, they’ve had past bad experiences on this area. So this is his routine.

Softwares like Sikuli or AutoIT or Autokey provide this type of solutions, that at a certain type you run a schedule task and your mouse and keyboard goes for a set of previous recorded errands , anything that as a human you could do, even including the funny “I’m not a robot” challenges.

This way, everyday at the chosen time, the idle computer can run the task, get inside the software, run the report in PDF, and attach that PDF to an email and send it to my client. Isn’t it great ?

(sure Sikuli is not as fun as Simone Giertz where i’ve taken this animated .gif from)

How about you, have you tried to automate some of your office tasks ? Please share your ideas, or if you need help in a specific script, let me know.


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