Power-up your website !

I’m an online marketing project manager located in Portugal, and I’ve started a Trello board to bookmark some ideas or resources for your current or next web project.

Hope it can be useful for you, and please leave me your comments or suggestions on what’s missing ! You can visit at https://montejunto.com/powerup/ .

If you are not familiar with Trello, the columns are lists that I’ve used for the several topics you might need to address for your website, and each card is a specific subject. Most of them you can click and find more information inside. Depending on the type of site some issues might be of no concern at all for you. But as I encounter in my daily experience situations I will keep adding cards and updating it with some references that might be useful when selecting on what to do.

My goal is not to list all services/applications or every little detail, but to find the most common and insteresting options and too keep it a work (index) in progress.

For now here are the lists and cards already mentioned in the website:

Pre website ideas

1 – Scope, 2 – Technical / Design Requirements, 3 – Budget and deadline, Site name, Purpose of project, Goals, Target market, Identify competitors, Deadline, Content, Website Structure and organization, Copyright, Previous work, How websites work

Domain and Hosting

Domain Name, Linux or Windows hosting ?, Email system, Email Tools

Choose a CMS Platform

Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Customized CMS, OsCommerce, Shoppify, Wix


Website content Snippets, Photos, Icons, Multi Language, Videos, PDF, Timelines, Demo content, Audio, Vectors, Infograms, Empty states, Migration of content, Data extraction


Inspiration, Color and pallete, Logo, Checklist before opening website, Fonts, Icons, Favicon, CSS, A/B Testing, Loaders, CTA Button, Backgrounds


Blog, Store, Calendar, Articles Database, Archive Database, Create Account, Login, Shop, Products, Shopping Cart, Forum, RSS Feed, Custom Database, Integration with CRM, Online Chat, Helpdesk Support Tickets, Billing Management, Keyboard shortcuts, Forms, Extras, Search


HTTPS / SSL Certificate, Before opening the website, Joomla Protection, WordPress Protection, Backup


Hosting, Image optimisation, Testing Tools, References, Joomla, GZIP, Browser cache, Optimize CSS/Javascript, Speed Optimisation extensions, HTTP2 over SSL

Search Engine Optimization

Review Top Searches from Search Engines (potential new content ideas), Sitemap, SEF, Google Analytics

Go Mobile

Responsive Design, IOS App, Android App, Windows App, App Store Optimization, Website into app, Linux Desktop App, Windows Desktop App

UX / Accesssability


Social Media

Social Media image sizes, Facebook Pixel


Content Update, Check regularly for errors, Test contact forms

Digital Marketing

Push Notifications, Link Building

Email Marketing

Define Goals, Choose Email sending system, Gather emails for list of contacts, Prepare incentives for subscriptions, Define Email formats according to goals, Prepare email templates, Include links and type of links, Contents, Define call to actions, Subject line, Share to social media, Make responsive emails, Subscribers management, Track results, Automate emails, Email Signature for everyone

Legal Requirerments

Entidades de Resolução alternativa de litígios de consumo, Cookie alert, Política de Privacidade, Termos e Condições, Política de Reembolso, Política de comentários, Direitos de autor

Measuring results

Google Analytics

We’ve participated in so many web projects, that one of the things that makes me sad is an abandoned website. If you browse through the list/cards and find something to work on your website, it will make my day ! Let’s improve the web one website at a time !


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