Take advantage of old technology – short messages 📲

First SMS was sent in 1993, and being a full-size keyboard oriented person I’ve always hated to text on phones.

But nowadays despite what you might consider it old technology, there are more efficient ways to use it and make it useful, even without directly using your phone.

Applications like Mighty Text on Android or Hands Off mode in IOS have allowed for people like me to get back at texting. These applications allow you to send messages using your laptop, tablet or desktop computer without the hassle of having to write in a small keyboard. I’ll add some links on the comments to check these applications if you don’t know them.

For me, this is the number one application I put on my phone as soon as I get a new one, but I’ve come to use other facets of text messaging throughout the years and helped many professionals on how to master this older technology.

Some tricks to more efficient texting are Text replacement apps for abbreviations, fancy app keyboards, message scheduling, group messaging, auto-replying features, date reminders, read messages aloud, or write messages talking (with a voice assistant) or IFTTT rules that you can automate some workflow.

But how about you ? 🙉 Do you use any of these to enhance SMS experience ? Do you have any other suggestions on how to optimize SMS credits ?

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